10 benefits of playing percussion

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Percussion is probably the oldest and most instinctive musical form in the history of humanity. Since the dawn of time, human beings have generated a diverse range of sounds by hitting, shaking or scraping natural objects, such as stones or wood. Over time, melodies and rhythms emerged to accompany community activities, rituals, religious ceremonies and games, amongst many other things. 

Then, little by little, instruments and percussion styles emerged all across the globe. In this way, people could share their history through music and develop their own culture. At +íon percussion we owe our name to this art that we love… and that’s why we want to share with you 10 benefits of playing percussion. It’s never too late to do it and when you get into this wonderful world nothing is ever the same again. Go on – take the leap!

1. It is a vehicle for expression, diversity and inclusion

Percussion is an ideal tool to express ourselves, transmit what we feel and connect with our essence. Through rhythm, communities share their ideas and values. Anyone can join in and be part of this art that goes beyond borders and enhances cultures. The fusion of styles strengthens the bonds and sense of inclusion between people, no matter what their age, gender or background.

2. Relieves stress and improves mood

The moment in which we surrender to this musical form is a moment of magic. Our body and soul merge with the present, leaving aside worries to enjoy the now. This allows us to release the emotional load that we are carrying and provides an amazing feeling of relief and elation. Being a spontaneous and dynamic practice, percussion inspires positive emotions, as our attention is focused on a place of true connection.

3. Improves coordination

Playing percussion instruments helps people of all ages to develop coordination and motor skills. In children it is especially recommended, since it benefits their development in a fundamental way, and thus facilitates more rapid learning in all of their movements. Each exercise, technique and instrument should be adapted to the capabilities of the person to avoid injuries and obtain maximum benefits. 

4. It increases the development of the brain

Percussion improves memory through its variety of rhythmic exercises, while stimulating areas of the brain related to creativity, intuition, language, reading and logic/mathematics. By training the ability to concentrate, cognitive skills are increased. We then find it easier to concentrate and maintain focus for long periods of time, which affects our ability to solve problems in everyday life. 

5. It is a form of exercise

This activity requires physical exertion based on the repetition of movements, often accompanied by dancing. Endurance, concentration and strength are brought into play, making it an excellent exercise for our overall wellbeing. Being as connected and focused as we tend to be while drumming, we do not realize how much we are actually exerting ourselves physically. We therefore do not view it as something strenuous, but rather as something fun. 

6. Promotes sociability

Playing percussion instruments brings people together, creating special moments and bonds by sharing music. In the meetings we interact with people artistically and personally, which contributes to our social skills. In this way we improve our listening and expressive skills, which are beneficial for life in society. Enjoying creating music in a group is priceless. We practice solidarity by helping each other grow as peers, as individuals and as a group. And when dance is part of the performance, verbal, visual and musical communication reaches another level. 

7. Improves self-esteem

Playing percussion gives us greater self-confidence, something that hugely enhances our personal development. Our self-esteem increases when overcoming the challenges involved in learning and evolving on an instrument. The perseverance, dedication and discipline involved in this act gives us a great sense of achievement, much like the euphoria felt when reaching the top of a mountain. Every improvement motivates us to continue growing, and allows us to appreciate the journey. 

8. It facilitates the learning of other instruments

If you are looking to be a multi-instrumentalist – that is, to play several instruments – then percussion is a great way to improve your skills. It is the perfect complement to learning musical instruments of all kinds with greater timing and appreciation. The technical, rhythmic and melodic demands involved in playing percussion are a huge help when it comes to learning any instrument or musical genre.

9. It is healing

Music therapy stimulates positive changes in mood and general well-being through connection to music. This treatment may include creating melodies, singing, moving, listening or relaxing. Percussion instruments play a very important role in this area, given their ability to generate a special atmosphere with which to reach a state of peace through sounds and vibrations.  

10. It is never too late to learn

No matter what your age, now is the right time to play percussion. No matter how much musical knowledge you have, you can always learn. It is a matter of tapping into your instincts and letting yourself go. In percussion there is no competition, everyone goes at their own pace, enjoying the process of creation. The range of instruments and musical styles in which you can immerse yourself is endless.

The +íon cajon: a new way of drumming

At +íon we love percussion and how it benefits the mind, body and soul. That is why we have created a unique instrument, with the intention of bringing something different to the international music scene. It is a flamenco cajon with interchangeable drumheads on its sides, which we call “íons”. 

Our aim? To allow every musician to let their creativity loose and create new rhythms with drumheads inspired by iconic percussion instruments such as the bongo, the conga, the darbuka or the djembe. A new form of percussion has arrived – the evolution of the cajon is underway. In our online store you can create your ideal cajon and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

Be a part of the evolution! You deserve it!

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