How to tune and change the íon drumheads on our flamenco cajons

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At +íon percussion, innovation in the world of musical instruments is what we are all about. That is why we have designed and patented a revolutionary system, where we have made maximum use of the body of the cajon by incorporating drumheads into the sides. These drumheads are interchangeable and tuneable, thus providing a huge variety of potential combinations.

The drumheads, which we call “íons”, are handmade in our workshop in Alicante (Spain) and are available in five different models: Cuban, Kenyan, Guinean, Turkish and Peruvian. Each one is inspired by iconic percussion instruments from different countries, such as the djembe, the darbuka or the bongo. They fit on one or both sides of the cajon, allowing the player to explore the true potential of this wonderful instrument.

Our íons feature eight tuning points that allow them to be precisely adjusted, while ensuring that the skin does not lose tension while playing. In order to tune and/or change them, you will only need the included Allen key. Each drumhead is an instrument in its own right and, as such, has its own sound box. These boxes have rounded walls and have been designed according to the principle of the Fibonacci sequence, which allows them to produce a surprisingly loud, clear and precise tone.

The boxes isolate and differentiate different types of sounds, prevent acoustic coupling, and produce clean, well-defined tones that allow even the subtlest touches to shine through. In addition, the unique design of these sound boxes provides additional compression within the cajon itself, further amplifying and directing the sound of the faceplate and strings.

But how do you change and/or tune these íons? The steps to follow are very simple and apply to any type of drumhead. So, get ready to tune up your + íon cajon and enjoy a brand new approach to percussion. The way to proceed is as follows:

1️. Remove all the screws that are on the íon you wish to replace, using the Allen key provided. 

2️. Place the new íon in its correct position, so that the holes match up. 

3️. Insert the screws again and tighten them by hand until they are flush.

4️. Now tighten them using the Allen key, always tightening the screws in pairs – first one screw, and then the one directly opposite it.

5. Repeat the process to find the ideal tuning point: gradually tighten each screw no more than half a turn.

We recommend that you untighten the drumheads before putting the cajon away after each session. And remember that these instructions also apply to drumheads on other percussive instruments. You can also learn the process by checking out this video on our YouTube channel; you will find it at the end of the article.

Now all you have to do is choose your favourite íons, set them up and immerse yourself in a new way of drumming. Our online store has all of our cajon models and íon drumheads. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the +íon percussion team, we will be happy to help you find your ideal sound.  

The cajon revolution has already begun… Will you join us?

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