who we are

+íon is a small group of musicians and craftsmen working out of a small artisan workshop in the southeast of Spain.

In order to marry our great respect for tradition with our need for new and innovative sounds, we had to think outside the box.

And it was this very phrase that proved to be our inspiration for the +íon patented system. As musicians, we always felt that the sides of the cajon had untapped potential as percussive surfaces, and so began the lengthy process of designing and refining our patented +íon system which allows our interchangeable drum heads to be fitted to the outside of the cajon. 

This system represents the evolution of a traditional instrument.

We think outside the box so that you can play outside the box.

our team

Moisés Mas García

A multi-instrumentalist and producer with a background in classical music and percussion, Moisés has travelled internationally, developing his interest in ethnic instruments working as a musical consultant and director for an eclectic range of international productions. He has created prolifically for theatre companies, film productions and advertisements, where he has been able to bring together his numerous musical influences to great effect. His talents have taken him across the world, including to Broadway in New York, where he worked as the musical director and percussionist in the Irish music show “Velocity”, with the music described as “terrific” and his own performance on cajon dubbed “ecstatic” by the New York Times.

Claudia Moreno Ciudad

Claudia has been responsible for coordinating and supervising the creation and distribution of our +íon products and services from the very beginning. Her love of working with people led her to study a master’s in healthcare, which was then followed by extensive academic and professional experience in management and customer service. Her familiarity with all aspects of our business makes her an invaluable all-rounder who is equally at home in the workshop as dealing directly with our customers and suppliers.

Alfonso Díaz

Alfonso is the brains behind the technical aspects of all +íon products, from design and innovation to manufacturing. He boasts more than 25 years’ experience in creating handcrafted wooden products, and is also a skilled metalworker and artist who enjoys experimenting with novel technologies such as 3D printing. His exceptional talent and dedication have seen him working on projects ranging from the construction of cathedral organs to entire theatre sets.

Diego Hernán Fina

Diego has a degree in Journalism and has worked in several media   outlets as a writer and editor. He has two master’s degrees, one in Comunication and Creative Industries and the other in Travel Journalism. He has traveled the world for years, stepping foot in more than 40 countries on all continents. Passionate about percussion and the game of words, in +íon he found a place where he could be himself. 

Philip Christie

With a background in European languages, Philip has spent many years working as a translator and copywriter, where he has translated and created marketing content for some of the world’s biggest companies in the music, fashion and automotive industries. As a qualified sound engineer and musician himself, he has an intimate knowledge of the discerning customers and markets that are the driving force behind +íon.

our artists

El Manin

El Kanka

Alberto Molina

Uña y Carne

Josué Ronkio


Javi Ruibal

Lupita Aina


Luis Fernandez

Miguel Campello

Malex Díaz

La Negra

Barcelo Brothers

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